A message from Bob Franko, CEO

On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers of the VNA of Northwest Indiana, we celebrate National Nurses Week on May 6-12, 2021. Beyond this weeklong celebration, though, we recognize the enormous impact nurses have on our overall quality of life.

This year – more than any in recent generations – has given us cause to recognize nurses for their vital role in health care be it in hospitals, physician offices, schools, and nursing facilities. The challenges of a global pandemic impacted us all, but it was nurses who bore the brunt of it. Many worked extra-long shifts and weekends in full PPE to care for their patients and residents, sacrificing their time with their own families to assure that the most vulnerable were cared for. The constant fear of exposure and the challenges of quarantines raised anxiety levels, while social media misinformation only created havoc and confusion. Families often took out their frustration on nurses for not being able to visit their loved ones, not understanding that it was for the welfare of everyone involved – especially their loved one. Nurses often held the hands of patients as they died so that they didn’t pass alone, and we know that weighs heavily on them.

So it is with warm hearts and open arms that we embrace nurses and thank them for all that they do, but especially for the heroes they were this past year. The term “hero” and “angel” tends to get tossed around lightly, but they are accurate descriptions for nurses today.

Here at the VNA of Northwest Indiana, we are eternally grateful for the dedication and professionalism of our hospice nurses. Individually, each is guided by their own mission of warmth and comfort, but collectively they are a force of love and compassion. Not every nurse can be a hospice nurse, but every hospice nurse is at heart a wonderful, caring, compassionate caregiving nurse. For that we thank them.

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