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According to census reports, one in 20 children may experience the loss of a parent by age 15. And one in five will lose a close friend or family member. 

The death of a parent, friend or family member at a young age can be extremely difficult. Children and their families need help as they move through the grief process, and VNA Phoenix Center was born to provide that help. 

After the loss of a loved one, teens and children often feel alone. By connecting grieving families, youth know they have a support system of people who understand exactly what they’re going through. Through a variety of fun, age-appropriate activities — art, puppet theatre, foosball, teen room and more — youth are able to interact with one another to use coping skills, express their feelings and tell their stories in a safe place. 

Children and their families are encouraged to visit the Phoenix Center as often as they’d like; there is no mandatory time frame for attendance. Adults are also encouraged to attend a VNA Phoenix Center support group.

The VNA Phoenix Center is helping lost and hurting teens and children feel whole again. It is offered free of charge and is supported through donations.



The VNA Phoenix Center program is supported in part through a grant from United Way of Porter County.

  • Meet Sammie

  • Meet Sammie
  • “I like coming to the VNA Phoenix Center. I’ve made some friends here, other kids who know how I feel. I like being able to talk about my dad and play music. I like the arts and crafts too.”
  • Meet Laura, Volunteer

  • Meet Laura
  • "VNA Phoenix Center provides a nurturing and safe place for children going through a loss to receive support. As I worked with teens, it was encouraging when they opened up about how they now felt different at school. We provided a space for them to express their sadness. Talking this through helped them gain perspective and coping skills.”


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